Pond Kits

Want to install a water pond but don't know where to start? Pond kits provide an easy way to get going. No matter what type of construction one has in mind, there is most certainly an appropriate kit available.

Guide to Pond Kits

Installing a pond can be something of a daunting task for a first-timer. There are pond kits on the market that make this task much easier. They won't eliminate the shoveling or the labor, of course, but they do eliminate leaving the store with that nagging feeling that some vital element has not been purchased. These are a great way to get started with a pond.

The Basic Elements

The very basics required for a pond are a pump, a filter and a liner. There are several different filters on the market. Some kits will contain a biological filter or a UV filter or both. Installing these devices right away is usually the best bet as they take time to realize results and it's best if they're put to work from the start.

Pond kits

The liner will be a major determining factor in choosing the right kit. A preformed liner will restrict the size and shape of the pond to that of the liner. If one isn't exactly certain what type of pond they want, this is a good choice. Installing these liners requires rather precise use of a shovel. If one isn't up to the task oneself, find a handy friend!

Flexible liners allow for much more flexibility. The liner will have to be big enough for the pond desired, of course, and there's no shame in buying a kit with an overly-large liner to account for mistakes in measuring. It's much easier to trim a liner that's a bit too big than it is to go purchase an entirely different liner of a larger size! The pond liner calculator can help work out the required size of liner.

The kit will likely contain some chemical additives to make the water hospitable to fish. But this may not always be the case with some garden pond kits. Fish, however, require that the water be dechlorinated for it to be healthy. Remember to add any chemicals required to purify the water exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The pump is one of the most vital parts of the pond. Garden and fish pond kits will both contain pumps and probably a skimmer filter. Locate the pump's intake hose and the skimmer intake as far away as possible from the final output where filtered water is feed back into the pond. Ideally place the input on one side of the pond and output on the other. This will ensure the best water circulation.

A kit is a great way to set a budget for one's pond. Because the kit will be designed to handle a certain volume of water in terms of the pump and filter size, one can set limits regarding how much of an excavation they need. For beginners, this can make the project a lot more fun and a lot less confusing!

Things to Checks

A water pond kit will have many electrical components. One must have a source of electricity near by, but not too near. Ideally, one's sockets should be located at least six feet from the pond. Make certain that the outlets available can handle the current demanded by the electrical components. If not, have an electrician set up a suitable source of power.

If one happens to be looking at kits with an eye toward creating a habitat for fish, make certain that the liner material is rated as safe for those animals. Garden ponds can be lined with rubber but many of the chemicals used in the manufacture of those pond liners is toxic to fish. In the interest of not poisoning one's tenants, choose a kit that is specifically made for the creation of a fish pond. Koi pond kits are a popular choice for those whom intent to host koi fish.

If the pond size has already been decided, make sure that the kit is designed for at least that size, buying a kit for a larger pond is not a problem, but don't get one for a smaller pond, otherwise one will find that that liner is too small, or the pumps are not powerful enough to circulate sufficient water every hour and the volume of water will be too great for the filters to cope with. Also make sure that the pond kit is suitable for the contents, especial if fish will reside.


Pond kit

Some pond kits will come with the equipment needed for enhancements such as waterfalls and fountains. This is one of those "extras" for which people are sometimes hesitant to pay at first but which they end up buying later. If there is a kit with a waterfall or fountain pump and the hose included, it's a good idea to go ahead and purchase that kit. These elements have practical as well as aesthetic benefits and are a sensible addition to the expense of constructing a pond.

The best kits will come with pond supplies that will last for a few months. These may include additives such as helpful bacteria that keep one's fish healthy, water purification products and extra parts for filters. These are good purchases in that they help one to learn what consumables are involved with the maintenance.

If one is building a garden pond, be sure the kit contains the right supplies for the plants in question. Some kits will come with some basins which can be used to plant underwater flora and bulbs. Floating plants need only be added to the surface of the water, of course, but one must properly accommodate those plants which are partially or wholly submerged. A good kit will contain such provisions which will make the whole affair much easier.

If one truly wants to go all out, consider a kit which contains lighting. There are a variety of pond lights available so check that the kit contains suitable lights. It is possible to purchase what amounts to an entire, finished pond in kit form. Many individuals will find that what they have in mind is available in this form and that they may save money by purchasing in this fashion. Whether one plans on a simple water garden or on a very sophisticated and elegant habitat for koi or goldfish, there is likely a way to purchase the items in one step. Doing so eliminates one of the principal headaches where the shopping is concerned and makes the affair a whole lot easier for many people.