Pond Fountain

Between the many different fountain variations available on the market and the surprisingly easy installation, it's a wonder that all garden ponds aren't supplied with one. They help add air to the water and add a touch of class.

Designing, Installing and Maintaining a Pond Fountain

A pond fountain is an elegant and eye-catching feature that adds a great deal of character to the pond. These devices are surprisingly easy to install. One can easily accomplish the task in a few hours and the procedure is simple enough that one can express their creativity quite easily provided they have even the most basic skills with tools.

The Kit

The best way to get started with fountains is to use a kit. These contain the basic elements one needs. It is a good idea to use a separate pump to power it. These pumps need not be as powerful as the other pumps used in the pond. One will also need a filter. Even though the water coming out of a fountain is running, there is the risk that it will become a vector for algae and bacteria. One will also need hose and tubing to contain the electrical wiring for the device.

These kits are widely available and provide a way to make certain that one has all of the basic supplies. If the fountain is to be installed in a new pond, complete pond kits can be purchased which include a fountain.

The Fountain

Pond fountain

The pond fountain itself can be just about anything. There are premade designs which encompass the classic multiple bowl construction, simple spigots or more fanciful designs such as animals and plants. One can simply build their own structure, as well, out of rock or other materials.

There are also floating fountain designs available. These have some distinct advantages to them, particularly where deep ponds are concerned. Make certain that any non-floating fountain is tall enough to be above the waterline, of course.

A garden pond fountain can be either the central feature of a pond or merely an enhancement. Remember that a more powerful pump will be required for fountains which are larger and taller. If one wants a particularly large fountain, make certain to calculate the water flow required for the best aesthetic effect and to purchase a pump adequate to the task.


To install a fountain, one needs only the simplest of materials and tools. A shovel will be needed if the bottom of the pond needs to be dredged out. If one has a pond liner, this is unnecessary. One will need a basin which can hold the fountain in place under the water. This basin will also need to accommodate the hoses from the pump and the cable from the electrical connection.

Start by locating the area in which the pond fountain will be situated and measure the depth. Next, drill out the basin so that the hoses and cords necessary to power the pump can be threaded through. The basin can be held under water with rocks or other weights. These should be added next. The cords and hoses are then run through the basin and attached to the pump and the fountain. The whole apparatus is then placed as desired, plugged in and, provided everything was hooked up correctly, it will start spilling water into the pond.

For floating fountains, the procedure is slightly different.

One can use a cinderblock or other weight to hold a floating fountain in place. There is usually no need to use a basin for these devices. Using a chain, attach the floating fountain to the cinderblock and drop the block in the water. The chain will allow it to move around a bit which is one of the most delightful features of these installations.

Remember to use a clean weight and chain to fasten fountains in place. Adding dirt or rust to the pond is certainly not advisable!

Going Solar

There are fountains available which operate on solar power. Aside from being more "green", they also eliminate the need to install electrical wiring and, of course, solar power cuts down on one's electrical bill. These options are available from most garden suppliers.


Like any other feature in a pond, a fountain will require maintenance. The filter will make certain that bacteria, algae and other impurities are kept to a minimum but the filter itself must be maintained.

If a biological pond filter is included with the fountain kit, be sure to replace the active bacteria as the manufacturer recommends. Basket filters will need to be cleaned out from time to time to ensure that they're capturing as much debris as possible.

If the fountain has basins, these must be cleaned out to make certain that they don't provide a habitat for algae. The same procedures used to clean algae from the pond as a whole can be used to clean these features. Of course, it can be turned off which makes these every easily scrubbed out. Make certain that any agents used to clean out these devices are removed completely before water flow is restored. One would not want harsh cleaning agents coming into contact with their fish.

Some garden pond fountains have provisions for lights. If not, the lighting used on the pond at large can be refocused to emphasize the fountain. Lighting the actual flow of water that is emited is a very popular way to make the feature stand out. Floating fountains have their own particular appeal. To make these devices stand out, choose a fountain that goes along with the look of the pond as a whole. Frogs, alligators and other water-dwelling creatures are very popular choices. Flowers are another popular area of design for floating fountains.

When installed correctly, the fountain provides a useful service to the pond: It aerates the water. This makes certain that the fish have enough oxygen to breathe and that the pond is a healthy environment. Along with a waterfall, a fountain can make a pond something truly beautiful. The ease of construction and installation make them all the more attractive. Make certain that proper attention is given to the installation of any wiring that extends from the house mains. There is generally tubing provided in pond fountain kits which provides another layer of insulation and, thus, safety for the extension cords used.

A fountain maybe one of the most pleasing additions to one's pond, take pleasure in admiring the new fountain! One may also consider installing a pond waterfall in a future project.