Pond Guide

For literally thousands of years, ponds have been one of the signature features of the most elegant gardens in the world. While a pond is one of the defining elements of a garden that has been created with every attention given toward aesthetics, there are some significant engineering concerns involved where the installation and maintenance of a garden pond is concerned. This website provides extensive information on both the aesthetic and practical elements involved in the creation and maintenance of garden ponds and contains material which will prove useful to those who are just beginning their journey as a gardener as well as to those who are very experienced in the endeavor.

A garden pond, when created correctly, can provide a touch of elegance that can last for literally generations. As is the case with any artistic endeavor, the means of creation dictates the success of the result.

How to Build a Pond

It takes more than a shovel to build a water pond! One must engage in some sophisticated planning, be certain that they have the right supplies on hand and that the area chosen is up to the task. One must have a good grasp of the various tasks involved to ensure that their creation is exactly what they had in mind.

Fish Pond

These are one of the most elegant and, frankly, one of the most enjoyable additions that anyone can make to their yard. Installing an outdoor pond allows one to keep fish in an environment which is as close as possible to their natural home and which allows for one to get truly creative with the design.

Koi Pond

These are one of the most impressive examples of the fish pond. They benefit from the presence of these large, beautiful animals. The fish themselves need special considerations paid to their care and the water must be properly filtered and circulated so that they can enjoy a healthy environment.

Pond Liner

Outdoor ponds would eventually be a dry hole without a liner! From concrete to rubber to more advanced plastics, there are an incredible amount of liner materials available on the market. Learn about the various liners available and how they can help one create the garden of one's dreams!

Pond Plants

Outdoor ponds are an ecosystem in and of them self. Installing plants helps balance out this ecosystem. Even where fish are the principal feature, plants provide a place for them to hide, nourishment and a way to keep the environment clean of toxic wastes that build up.

Pond Algae

All water ponds are susceptible to becoming infiltrated by this pesky plant but there are many ways in which a skillful owner can get rid of it for good and enjoy crystal clear water. From introducing competing plants to installing sophisticated UV filters, algae can be beaten but, if it's let go too long, one may be facing a long battle.

Pond Pump

A water pump is the heart of any backyard pond. These are the devices that power the filters, the waterfalls and fountains and which provide for the proper circulation of the water. Installing these devices properly is necessary to ensure that they function to their highest level of performance and to ensure that the water is kept healthy and safe.

Pond Fountain

A fountain may seem like a complex addition but, between the many different variations available on the market and the surprisingly easy installation, it's a wonder that all garden ponds aren't supplied with one. They help add air to the water and add a touch of class. Fountains make a fantastic feature for all garden!

Pond Filter

Proper filtration is an important requirement. These needs vary depending on what type of garden pond one has constructed. There are several different types of water filters on the market. Understanding the basic workings of these devices is an absolute necessity.

Pond UV Filter

Outdoor ponds may be an ancient and enduring symbol of an elegant home but new technology has been enlisted in the fight to keep the waters clean. UV filters destroy algae by attacking it right at the DNA, rendering it unable to multiply and gradually turning turbid waters into crystal clear habitats for plants and fish.

Pond Lights

Just because the sun has gone down doesn't mean that one can't enjoy their outdoor pond. In fact, with the right lighting setups can be even more beautiful in the night than they are in the day. From colored lights to floodlights to floating lights, backyard ponds can become a 24-hour destination.

Pond Supplies

Backyard ponds require maintenance and that maintenance requires that one has the right materials on hand. Choosing the correct products is necessary and can be very enjoyable. Done correctly, one can spoil one's koi and one's plants with a clean and healthy environment and cut down on maintenance time.

Pond Waterfall

No garden pond is complete without a waterfall. These easy to build features add a dimension of elegance and relaxation to your garden. The sound of the running water adds to the aesthetic value and the aeration these features provide is excellent for fish.

Pond Kits

Want to install a water pond but don't know where to start? Kits provide an easy way to get going. These kits are the best way for beginner to get started. No matter what size or shape one has in mind, there is most certainly an appropriate kit available.

Pond Calculator

Various calculators to make one's life easier. Calculators to calculate the volume of a pond, the size of liner required, a pump flow calculator and an electrical running cost calculator.